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In 1982, we acquired Manchester's Indigo Studios via an MBO, and re-launched as APS Manchester. Two very successful years later APS was sold and Hampson Associates started.
With the advent of Independent Local Radio we had moved into Commercial Production, both for Radio and later for TV, providing the nearby Granada Television with production packages. We wrote and produced on contract for ILR stations, national advertisers, advertising agencies large and small, and later for our own stations and projects.

The business grew through the 1980's with Video, Audio Visual and Conference production, later adding presentation and communication consultancy.

Satellite Radio

An early involvement in instore audio, with ASDA Stores, laid the foundation for the development of retail broadcasting in the UK. With the advent of satellite broadcasting in Europe we bought spare audio channels from Sky Sports and this led to the launch in the early 1990's of ASDAfm, the UK's first satellite delivered retail radio service, on Astra.

ASDAfm is one of Europe's most listened to radio stations and is currently heard by over 20 MILLION people each week in the UK.

Dedicated Broadcasting

Concentrating solely on the technical and creative development of broadcasting in the 1990's, the group added Hampson Associates Broadcast, Hampson Media Sales, and Hampson Radio. Hampson was acknowledged as the UK market leader in Dedicated Broadcasting.

Provided 24/7 services for ASDA Wal-Mart, Alldays, McColls, Forbuoys, Martins,
All:sports, Topps Tiles, Costcutter and Granada Compass Group – Motorway Services and Little Chef. (MOTO)

Created and implemented National Lottery Radio for Camelot Group. Provided technical consultancy for Virgin Megastore Radio and Radio 21 Moscow, Russia's first instore service

In 2001 the broadcast operation was sold, and became part of BSkyB operating now as part of KVH Media Group

Our concept of Dedicated Broadcasting provides entertainment and promotional information to staff and shoppers. We added flexible networks, to better target promotional opportunities, and video displays.

The format is now used at over 50,000 UK sites


We were part of the team that created the original 'ASDA Price' campaign, with the jingle and 'pocket tap'  - one of the  longest lasting and most successful advertising themes in the UK

Talking Dog

Silly but true. Prince, the Talking Dog was ours. He made records, appeared on TV, had character puppets made. His favourite quote was 'Sausages' which spawned another long lasting TV campaign. The late great Michael Jackson was so impressed with the idea that he wanted him at his Encino ranch as a companion for his pets Bubbles the Chimp and the Louie the Llama


Recorded the seminal Buzzcocks EP 'Spiral Scratch', part of the birth of Punk music.
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Novelty Records

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Once upon a time we produced  things called novelty records. Apart from Prince ( the talking dog not the squiggle), there was the Aussie duo from 'Neighbours' and  various hits with kids choirs. We helped with 'The Sparrow' which made Number 11 and the LS Lowry tribute 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs' which topped the charts for three weeks - and sold over 800,000 copies.

Happy Days.